COVID-19 Protocols

Precautions we're taking.

St. John follows the guidance of our State and County Health Departments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

On Thursdays, (2 pm) a special service is offered for those who are immuno-compromised. Social distancing is practiced, and communion is by intinction, which has been found by the NIH to be the safest method of communion. No one has ever become sick from an intinction communion service.

If you would prefer certain precautions, please alert the pastor in advance.

On Sundays (9 am), masks are not required in our building but are still welcomed. Face Mask-Preferred Seating is available in the front-left pews during worship.  These pews on the lectern side will remain reserved for people wearing the masks during the entire service while maintaining social distancing as well. All other pews are mask-optional.

Feel free to sit anywhere. You are welcome here!

If you have questions or concerns, and Elder or Deacon -- or the Pastor -- will be happy to respond to your concerns.