Come join us!


Weekly Sunday Worship Service 9:00 AM

There's no dress code, you'll see suits and jeans. There's plenty of parking, but the Lithuanian service begins at 11:30, and that can be cramped. There's a nursery area in the entry (narthex). There will be someone to greet you and give you a bulletin, as you enter. No offering is take, or asked of guests. The support of our congregation is the responsibility and privilege of our members. Our sanctuary and service are traditional, but our laughter and fellowship are new every day.

Whether it's your first time, or it's been a long time--we’re glad to see you here. It’s our hope that in the prayers, Scripture, preaching, and music of the Divine Service that Christ is apparent and the love of God is felt.

Children and families are loved at St. John, and we understand the squirming and noise, so please don’t feel embarrassed by it. We have a "free range" approach to kids, so they don't have to stay in the pew with you. Your children are welcome at St. John. And if you need a little help, just ask. There are lots of folks here who will lend you a hand. We know that your children are a gift to the Church, so we will do our best to welcome, smile, encourage, help and bless you all. Welcome to St. John!

Restrooms are down the hall, on the left out the sanctuary, past the office. Sunday School rooms are further beyond the restrooms, in the preschool wing.

The Sunday Divine Service is the center of our life as a congregation. Bible-study and Sunday School (except summers) begin shortly after (around 10:15). Introductory classes, new-member groups, counseling and confirmation are available. If you are interested, talk to Pastor, an usher, or an elder.

In our service you will find the traditional liturgy: spoken and sung responses, readings, canticles, hymns, and modern songs. We use kneelers during Lent and Advent, joints permitting. A bulletin or the projector screen will tell you everything you need to know, but if you'd like someone to sit with you and help, ask an usher or pastor.

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first, third, fifth Sundays and Festivals (Easter, Pentecost). Sunday School for children and Bible Study for adults immediately follows the worship service (No Children's Sunday School in the Summer). Please speak to the pastor or an elder before communing, but all are welcome to come forward for a blessing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the pastor or church office.